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Software Custom

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Outsourcing Developement

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Learning courses on AGILE and DEVOPS

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IT Strategy Consultancy

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Digital Transformation Check-up

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We offer you support through our expertise in Agile methodology, by providing you with a Scrum Expert who will manage the company process related to the development of your project. Together, we will arrange user stories and sprints. To better understand how we help, please visit our Agile Consulting service.

We can support you from the initial drafting of your product concept, analyzing the business model you have in mind, to the operational implementation of all the modules that make up the system, integrating our expertise in Agile PM with the activities provided for the Software Custom or Outsourcing Development service.

We can support you with a team of senior developers, capable of designing and developing with the use of the latest web technologies, thus enabling you to optimize your project development and shorten your time-to-market. Our idea is to offer the Outsourcing Development service to archive all this.

We can develop a dashboard and a decision-making panel for you which, using Big Data world technologies and Analytics Platforms, allows your company’s managers to access strategic information in very short times. All this becomes possible thanks to our Software Custom service.

BigData refers to all the data that fall under the definition of “Big” according to the classic characterization of the three Vs (Volume + Variety + Velocity): such as all information that may be available on a social network, a blog or a content sharing platform. Generally, data are not structured, are large in size and constantly flowing in time. Our proposal for this is the Technology Experience service, which is useful for supporting and structuring a possible solution in the BigData field together with you.

Full of experience with various technologies in the field of Big Data, we can support you in realizing your innovative idea in the BigData & IoT field: a new product, a new service, a new functionality or an improvement hypothesis; providing you with consulting from analysis to development, from the discovery stage through the Technology Experience service, to the production stage through the Software Custom service.

We have planned training courses that will guide you, enabling you approach the world of Agile and Continuous Delivery better.

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