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The CTO at your service

In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, digital services assume a fundamental strategic value for creating new sources of business or revitalizing existing services. We offer consultancy services to assist you in the non-trivial selection of the most suitable tools and platforms for the realization or the transformation of your product or service, assuming a role similar to that of the CTO.

Our support is based on the specifications of your product, considering the current company infrastructure (at the level of IT, governance and procurement), and defining the necessary steps for the technical development of your product in support of the business model you have identified. We thus provide an all-round technical feasibility study, complete with comparative evaluations with other existing products and identifying the set of necessary technological partners for the realization of the entire system.
With this service, we also offer operational consultancy to structure your cloud solution, guiding you in choosing the right services to build the most suitable infrastructure.
Furthermore, in line with the requirements of GDPR EU679/2016, we also offer the security assessment service aimed at analyzing the submitted software solution to identify any security risks both at the application and infrastructure levels, thus meeting the “privacy by design” requirement indicated in the same GDPR.

The service includes:
  • analysis of the company ecosystem and the business model of the product/service indicated by the client
  • analysis of an existing product/service to optimize its performance
  • technical feasibility study of the indicated product/service
  • analysis and identification of existing technologies for the implementation and deployment of the solution
  • study of scalability of the technical solution
  • identification of the set of methodologies and technologies for the implementation and deployment of the solution
  • fine-tuning of the production pipeline for the transition of the system from development to testing and production environments
  • basic configuration of the release environment of the product/service


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