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The software tailored to your needs

From the concept to the production and deployment, we thoroughly analyze your needs and determine the optimal approach to fully realize your software requirements. The realization process includes the envisioned business model as the initial phase, thereby allowing us to accurately model the software functions you have conceptualized. We then proceed with the creation of a functional mockup, followed by the selection of the most appropriate technologies and tools, culminating in the development of the entire solution in modules. Throughout the entire design process and development, we adhere to the “privacy by design” principle suggested by GDPR EU679/2016, thus establishing a secure system from its inception.
According to the Agile methodology we follow, the realization process involves creating smaller units of modules and frequent feedback sessions, as to model the software as much as possibile even during the development stages. Finally, we carry out the release and the deployment on either cloud or on-premise systems, subsequently activating a maintenance package on the solution.

The service is divided into 3 phases and includes:

Concept Design
  • We offer free consulting services for an initial analysis of your needs and idea, as well as to determine how to transform them using the best technologies available
  • We analyze your requirements for the project and conduct a comprehensive examination of the business model related to your product/service
  • We create a functional mockup of the product/service. The mockup will be an operational prototype, consisting of internet browser navigable pages (wireframe) that will precisely reflect the behaviour of the system once it is fully realized.
  • We manage the project using agile tools and provide access to the product owner for the client, to monitor the project’s progress and promptly communicate any feedback during the development
  • We implement the modules defined in the concept design stage
Deploy & Maintenance
  • We deploy the solution to the production system
  • We offer post-sales support after the final release to assist the clients in using the system and provide coverage for any bugs in the implementation
  • We provide documentation and training based on the client’s request


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